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Not infrequently, clients inquire about situations that present special needs planning scenarios.

There are a number of different fact patterns that require planning to ensure benefits received by a loved one are not whisked away when they receive their inheritance.

The State of Minnesota, County and Federal Government expect to be repaid for any benefits they’ve granted an individual if that individual suddenly comes into some money through an inheritance or through winning a money judgment as a result of a lawsuit.

Metropolitan Law Group works with families to prevent their healthcare, MNCare, Disability, Social Security & more from being refused as a result of coming into money. We also work with Minnesotans by drafting Supplemental Needs Trusts and Special Needs Trusts to ensure that a recipient of such benefits may maintain their healthcare and their other benefits while receiving their inheritance to provide for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your loved ones from their inheritance being whisked away to repay for county, state and/or government benefits such as Minnesota Care, Disability, Social Security and others.

Metropolitan Law Group works with families in MN by drafting Supplemental Needs and Special Needs trusts. 612-448-9653 or email Attorney Haster directly at

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